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BioSpiritus is about healing.

Healing using your natural body intelligence.

This intelligence is in each one of us.

You have forgotten how to use this natural intelligence because of trauma, stress, cultural programing and laziness.

Most of us wait until we are seriously ill, chronically in pain or maxed out before we do anything about it.

It is time that you remember this intelligence and find health and joy.

My name is Wayne Hoff and I am here to help you regain your health.

Welcome to BioSpiritus.....


Blocks in the Body

The body can get stuck and confused, just like our minds. Just as our mind can obsess on a past hurt or event, so can our body. These injuries and illnesses don't heal and become chronic conditions.

These blockages are energetic and can be removed. Once removed, the body can return to it's natural intelligence and energetic flow. The body can now respond to the different healing modalities and come back to health.

What Do I Do?

I work with all levels of your Being - your body, mind, heart/soul, and spirit. I communicate with your body. I work with your body to clear out negative and stuck energies. I help your body feel safe and free of all outside influences. I harmonize your body with all parts of your Being and life. Your body returns to a clarity that allows it to heal.

: BioSpiritus